Check out my illustration on the cover of the Serbian translation of Dmitrij Danilov's book PREKIDAČ. My friend and translator Duško Paunkovič was so kind as to use my drawing for the cover. 

AMANITA DODOLA - GREEN live! in Panćevo

Check out my second video from Pančevo- GREEN!

Your teachers think I'm sounding cynical, 
But they're not in the know. 
A kick will never do the trick, 
He might be high on coke. 
So if you want to keep forgiving, slipping on the soap, 
On the day you've gotta get him, 
Go for the kneecaps, eyes, and throat.



Check out this video of me performing my song "Warbler" under a linden tree in Pancevo, Serbia, as part of Grrr! Program, and as the weekend edition of our series titled Kućna Varijanta. This is the first of five in a series - more to come! 

Experimental Superstars!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Experimental Superstars in Novi Sad this past weekend! It was so cool to play ON the Danube, under the stars, with great films and great people. Check out the video and pics below.

GRRR! PROGRAM - katwoz comix

Grrr!Program is the name of a series of events and lectures about alternative comix and culture that took place from 2007-2014. Led by Aleksandar Zograf ( in Pančevo's late and legendary Gallery Elektrika ( Starting in 2016, Grrr!Program has morphed into a comix workshop held in Gallery Bate Mihailović. The summer heat took the July workshop outside, under the shade of the linden tree, and the guest was... ME!


Here is a video of me talking a bit about my drawings featuring an instrumental version of one of my songs. A live video of the concert is soon to come! Special thanks to Danilo Stojić- Undergrad for the video and to Aleksandar Zograf and Gordana Basta for inviting me.

FEMICOMIX exhibitions in ZADAR and MALMO!

FEMICOMIX features a bunch of us unusual ladies and our comix! Presented by the legendary croatian fanzine KOMIKAZE, FEMICOMIX is on tour and may be coming to a city near you- soon in MALMO, Sweden and in ZADAR, Croatia! Check it out!


EXHIBITION TOUR (work in progress):
1. CRACK festival – Forte Prenestino/ ROME, IT: 21.-28th June 2015
/CRACK! CAPITALE XI edition 2015 JUNE 25-26-27- 28
/CRACK! Camp & workshop JUNE 16-24TH JUNE
2. ZADRUGA PRAKSA/ PULA, CRO: 15th -23th August 2015
FB ~
3. KINO ŠIŠKA – MESTO ŽENSK/ LJUBLJANA, SLO: 29th September -19th October 2015
4. OFICINA ARARA/ Porto, Portugal: 29/04/2016
5. LE GARAGE L./ Forcalquier, France: 06/05 – 20/06/2016

6. AKC NIGDJEZEMSKA, ZADAR/ HR: 29/07 – 02/08/2016

7. ALTCOM COMIC FESTIVAL, Malmo/ SWE: 30/07–31/07.2016

8. SALON STRIPA/ MSU, Novi Sad/ RS: 09/09/2016

Practical details: The exhibition contents 30 big posters (17posters 140X70 + 13 posters on B2 format 50X70). Selection is made of 17 woman authors from the Komikaze edited issues (print and web). Catalog (26 X A3 poster book), T-shirts, badges and workshop of DIY-badges are included.

Authors: Nina Bunjevac (1980) Canada; Amandine Meyer/France; Amanda Baeza/Portugal; Bojana Bogavac (1986)/ Monte Negro; Ivana Pipal (1990)/Croatia; Petra Brnardić (1978), Croatia; Petra Balekić (1989)/ Croatia; Ena Jurov (1988)/ Croatia; Dunja Janković (1981)/ Croatia; Lina Rica (1981)/ Croatia; Nele Broenner (1980)/ Germany; Neja Tomšič/ Slovenia; Petra Varl/ Slovenia; Katie Woznicki (1984) USA/Serbia; Agneizska Piksa/ Poland; Anna Ehrlemark (1981) Sweden; Ivana Armanini/ Croatia