FEMICOMIX exhibitions in ZADAR and MALMO!

FEMICOMIX features a bunch of us unusual ladies and our comix! Presented by the legendary croatian fanzine KOMIKAZE, FEMICOMIX is on tour and may be coming to a city near you- soon in MALMO, Sweden and in ZADAR, Croatia! Check it out!


EXHIBITION TOUR (work in progress):
1. CRACK festival – Forte Prenestino/ ROME, IT: 21.-28th June 2015
/CRACK! CAPITALE XI edition 2015 JUNE 25-26-27- 28
/CRACK! Camp & workshop JUNE 16-24TH JUNE
2. ZADRUGA PRAKSA/ PULA, CRO: 15th -23th August 2015
FB ~ http://komikaze.hr/wiki/komikaze-zadruga-praksa-pula/:
3. KINO ŠIŠKA – MESTO ŽENSK/ LJUBLJANA, SLO: 29th September -19th October 2015
4. OFICINA ARARA/ Porto, Portugal: 29/04/2016
5. LE GARAGE L./ Forcalquier, France: 06/05 – 20/06/2016

6. AKC NIGDJEZEMSKA, ZADAR/ HR: 29/07 – 02/08/2016

7. ALTCOM COMIC FESTIVAL, Malmo/ SWE: 30/07–31/07.2016

8. SALON STRIPA/ MSU, Novi Sad/ RS: 09/09/2016

Practical details: The exhibition contents 30 big posters (17posters 140X70 + 13 posters on B2 format 50X70). Selection is made of 17 woman authors from the Komikaze edited issues (print and web). Catalog (26 X A3 poster book), T-shirts, badges and workshop of DIY-badges are included.

Authors: Nina Bunjevac (1980) Canada; Amandine Meyer/France; Amanda Baeza/Portugal; Bojana Bogavac (1986)/ Monte Negro; Ivana Pipal (1990)/Croatia; Petra Brnardić (1978), Croatia; Petra Balekić (1989)/ Croatia; Ena Jurov (1988)/ Croatia; Dunja Janković (1981)/ Croatia; Lina Rica (1981)/ Croatia; Nele Broenner (1980)/ Germany; Neja Tomšič/ Slovenia; Petra Varl/ Slovenia; Katie Woznicki (1984) USA/Serbia; Agneizska Piksa/ Poland; Anna Ehrlemark (1981) Sweden; Ivana Armanini/ Croatia