The first song I ever wrote, Žene, was originally for a choir- and finally it has been realized by the Slovenian choir z'borke! They did an outstanding job and I can't express how incredible it is to see. Thanks to Z'borke!


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you- Amanita Dodola LIVE in Trencin, Slovakia!

These are, to date, the best recordings of my songs, so enjoy! The oldest ones are Dreams and Hand, and they date all of the way back to 2009- and they are finally ready for you to hear.

The album is available for free download and it features one bonus track. But of course, donations are appreciated. 


January 2018 Drawings

January 2018 Drawings


Check out these collages I did with GLUEHEADS in Belgrade! Glueheads is an international collage extravaganza. Special thanks to everybody who was involved and to everybody who came out to see what we made! 

AWOTT / VAT / Lenhart Tapes / EPP! live @Kvaka 22

Hey, folks! We're happy to announce our upcoming show with AWOTT (Asian Women On The Telephone), VAT and Lenhart Tapes! This is the first time that we'll be playing our songs with a synth, a sampler and a rhythm machine. So, everything is scheduled for Wednesday, May 24th at Kvaka 22 and starts at 9 PM. Check out the event and see you there!


AWOTT (Moscow, Russia)

Asian Women On The Telephone since 2007 explore this and those Worlds, both sides of Good and parts of Evil, together with friends and random guests of both Worlds who disappeared into the volcanoes of Russia. The Good first side is synth, which is came back. Another side is sax which became strong tenor instead alto. Drums and drummachine is stand for Evil in every beat it makes, good old Evil we all know since Ringo and Detroit. And Voices living in their wise lungs above bowels, who is evil of course. Alltogether this aspects boil-fight for love and peace and soul, against the limits, despite all square being. Behind the Masks. 


VAT (France)

VAT is an improvised solo for voice and sound recorded with a telephone. This girl can do anything with her voice, you never know what will come out. It's a soundscape written en directe.



One guy, 4 walkmans. Goat and sheep dialogues, muslim chanting, loops, e-bow instructions, turbo-folk anthems, language lessons, satanist rituals, heavy metal guitar for beginners…


EPP! (Serbia)

EPP! is a Travel Agency credited for making a numerous travel arrangements and their moto lies in creating a perfect environment for tourists. TOURISM WITHOUT LIMITS!


Donations from 150 rsd



EPP was interviewed for the music blog yeah I know it sucks! We discuss everything from Eurovision to EurNoVision to the Serbian underground. Special thanks to Graham Boosey for interviewing us. He makes fake commercials too! Check out the interview here.